Mantra Of Masti Ki Paathshaala


Ultimate Care

To make kids aware of their rich culture, develop ethics towards life and develop a sense of communal harmony. To be a good human being first.

Our way of education is simple, love and care to the minds so that they feel secure to explore their imagination.

Child does not have to bring anything! Not even food! One Badi didi (elder sister) to nurture every five children.

Mantra Of Masti Ki Paathshaala

To educate kids to imbibe values. Alternative education methods will be implemented to bring out the best in your kids.


Almost 98% of the impressions on which a person leads his life, are developed between the times when the child is in the womb, up till its 9th year. What a person does or how a person reacts at 70 could be dependent on what impression he got when he was 4. Our philosophy is to help seed the right impressions into the kids so that they develop into WELL ROUNDED personalities and WELL GROUNDED human beings.

Paathshaala's Ultimate Care

Only desi and healthy food for the growing minds! A doctor available on call. Professional counselling for children, attendants, teachers and parents. Well balanced staff to children ratio (One Badi didi for every 5 Kids). Yoga sessions based on age groups of children. And many many more exciting facilities and experiences.

Phone Number:09379167874,   08792647955
Website: www.deekshaforyou.in/mkp
E-mail: mangesh@deekshaforyou.com